Software products

We listen to our clients’ needs and design software to address them.

Sometimes, our standard baseline software offers everything our client wants. Other times, after a discussion about the possible options, we partner with our clients to design and develop a bespoke software solution that ticks all the boxes.

In both cases, the result is improved outcomes and opportunities for Aboriginal people.




We offer standard and customised software products and mobile applications.  Talk to us about what you need. If you don’t know what you’re after, we can help you get the best solution that represents value for money. You might be surprised what’s possible!


Ab Connect

Ab Connect delivers data analytics based on the priorities of each community, identifying specific needs, obstacles, and opportunities. The results help to better inform community strategy in the areas of health, housing, social, cultural, education, finance, and employment.

Ab Connect Plus

Ab Connect PLUS is a platform of analytical tools designed to provide a deep dive analysis into specific priorities identified by each Aboriginal community. 

Ab Connect PLUS is customisable and its data capture and analysis tools include:

  • Financial Independence
  • Corporate Capacity Building
  • Employment Mapping & Career Management
  • Housing & Lifestyle
  • Social Health & Wellbeing
  • Traditional Knowledge Integration
  • Cultural Connection & Safeguarding

Ab Career

Ab Career captures information such as employment data, interests and aspirations, demographics, education and training, and use of support services. This useful data enables competency and job matching. It also generates personal resumes for individuals and identifies career development pathways and opportunities.

Ab Custom

Ab Custom is our in-house technology consulting arm, where we design and develop innovative and bespoke software solutions and applications.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the features and benefits of our software solutions.


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