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Designed by and for Aboriginal people.

BoAb Co is owned and operated by Blair Quin, an Aboriginal man with ties to the East Kimberley region.

Blair is committed to improving outcomes and opportunities for Aboriginal people. With over 15 years’ experience in the resources sector, Blair recognised an enduring hurdle in bridging the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians due to limited data availability.

Since BoAb Co’s inception, Blair compiled a team of leading experts to design the BoAb Co community partnership technology platform called Ab Connect.

Ab Connect provides detailed data analysis that helps inform strategies and policies, ensuring accountable outcomes for community benefit.

Blair Quin
Blair Quin

BoAb Co

An innovative business created for positive change.

Blair established BoAb Co, assembling a team of software designers and developers to provide innovative solutions for Indigenous communities and businesses.

BoAb Co is interested in career management, retention, and working towards the aspirational goals of Indigenous people – not just in finding them a job. The aim is to understand and support individuals so they can move forward. This includes looking at any barriers that may be stopping them from being effective or from progressing to employment.

When companies approach Indigenous communities with their employment vacancies, for example, BoAb Co’s software will ensure there is accurate, timely information available that looks below the surface and delivers the best outcomes for everyone.

“By supporting individuals, BoAb Co empowers the community.”

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